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Fashion Styling & Image Branding

Curating the wardrobes of high profile clients including Saudi princesses as a personal shopper and stylist for Bergdorf Goodman and working as a stylist for the NYFW runway shows of leading designer Badgley Mischka instilled in Malkin a deep knowledge of luxury fashion and latest trends. Drawing on this expertise on the cutting edge of high-end fashion along with her well-honed visual eye Malkin works as a fashion stylist, curating the wardrobes of private clients and collaborating with artists to create photography and brand imagery that showcases the artist with their artwork to bring their brand aesthetic and vision to life. 


Styling Services:


Private Clients

  • Personalized consultation to understand client’s needs, style and budget.

  • Closet overhaul; assessment, audit, organization.

  • Identify and curate a list of fashion items to be purchased based on the client’s personal style/lifestyle/career and the seasonal trends that exemplify their style.

  • Accompany clients on private shopping sessions to source and provide consultancy and guidance on new fashion purchases.

  • Provide ongoing guidance on how to wear, style, store and pack items - clients can text any questions.


Artist Clients

  • Personalized consultation to understand the artist’s brand, vision and budget. 

  • Closet overhaul; assessment, audit, organization.

  • Brand Identify - create a personalized brand workbook to help the artist explore, identify and articulate their brand identity, this will serve as the blueprint for the brand deck.  

  • Brand Deck - create a formal brand deck that outlines the brand/artist mission statement, color analysis, and beauty direction. 

  • Seasonal Mood Deck - create a comprehensive style guide each season that highlights key wardrobe items that exemplify your brand, along with expert styling guidance on how to wear, style, store, and pack each item.


For more information and pricing on my Fashion Styling services and rates or to make a booking please fill out the form below.


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