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Art Consultant

Malkin has spent the past two decades orbiting the global art world. After working for leading New York galleries, Metro Pictures and Michael Werner Gallery, she launched her own fine art consultancy, brokering deals for blue chip and emerging artists to source single artworks and curate personal collections and investment portfolios for private clients.


Art Consultancy Services:

  • Personalized consultation to understand client’s needs and taste; ranging from sourcing a single artwork to curating well-rounded, large scale personal and investment portfolios.

  • Allocate and secure artworks by emerging, established and blue chip artists in secondary markets around the globe to secure the best price for clients.

  • Attends global art fairs, auctions and biennale’s to secure artworks and conduct research into emerging artists and trends.

  • Communicate current and emerging trends to clients to inform purchase and investment decisions. 

  • Curate ‘living walls’, collections of artworks that change seasonally or for specific event purposes. 

  • Consult on and manage the framing, global shipping, delivery, installation, and insurance of fine artworks for clients. 

  • Educate and mentor clients to be patrons of the art and knowledgeable on the story and history behind each artwork and the artist. 


For more information and pricing on my fine art consultancy services and rates or to make a booking please fill out the form below.

Thank You and I will get back to you shortly!

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