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Handmade Ceramic Incense Holder.


This main piece is hand built and trimmed; the eye is hand-sculpted and added separately. The vessel is fired in a kiln, glazed for coloring, then fired once again. Next design elements and details are hand painted in  24k gold and fired in the kiln for the third and final time. 

Details:  One-of-a-kind piece (slight imperfections are normal). Use as tableware or decor, safe to use for consumption.


Measures aproximately: 


The Creative Process:

Each object and body part - eye, ears, nose, lips, fingers - is built, sculpted and painted by hand as part of a long and meticulous process.  All of the ceramic pieces are created on a pottery wheel or handbuilt and sculpted. Once the main vessel is built, the adorning body part, made entirely of clay is attached and the works are fired for the first time in a kiln and then glazed. Once the glaze is dried, the object is fired in the kiln a second time for the glaze to change states and solidify to the vessel. Then details are hand painted in 24K gold and the object is fired in the kiln for a third and final time. Each firing takes around 48 hours to complete its cycle.

Shelly Incense Holder

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